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We are trial lawyers.  What we do is defend traffic tickets in traffic court as well as driving prohibitions with ICBC Driver Services and the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

As trial lawyer, we prepare the defence of our clients, research legal and factual issues, prepare submissions and cross-examine witnesses in court.

We are on the leading edge in the development of the law on driving defence and the tactics and methods that work in defending driving cases. We have cross-examined hundreds of police officers so we know what questions to ask, how to challenge the evidence and the defences that work in court.

As advocates, we make submissions to lift or reduce driving prohibitions. We maintain voluminous libraries of information to use in the right case to deal with driving prohibitions or a Notice of Intent to Prohibit.

We are traffic court lawyers who recognize that driving infractions can have terrible consequences. Your need to have a license may be sink or swim when it comes to your livelihood.

When you need assistance with your driving case, you want to find the best lawyer for you. Defending traffic tickets and driving prohibitions and criminal driving cases is what we do.

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